Experian India Online Privacy Policy

This Online Privacy Policy applies to the websites of Experian India. This policy document explains how Experian India collects, uses, and shares information from, or about you when you visit our websites.

I. Who are we?

Experian operates in India through Experian Credit Information Company of India Private Limited and Experian Services India Private Limited.

II. What we do?

ECICI helps its corporate Members manage credit risk, prevent fraud, , automate decision making and assists its individual Consumers to check their credit report and credit score, and protect against identity theft. Pursuant to obtaining the Certificate of Registration from the Reserve Bank of India, ECICI operates as a credit information company in India and provides credit information services in accordance with  the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005 read with the Credit Information Companies Rules, 2006 and Credit Information Companies Regulations, 2006  (hereinafter together referred to as “CICRA”).

ESIPL is in the business of providing fraud and identity solutions to its Customers in India by way of its flag ship products like Hunter and Prove ID and also provides the CheetahMail Online platform for email marketing activities and targeting marketing offers.

ECICI and ESIPL will be together referred as “Experian India”.

All references to “you” / “your” shall mean the per person accessing the website.

III. About this Policy

This policy intends to protect the security and privacy of the Members’ and Consumers’ personal information. Data protection is of utmost importance to Experian India and one of the foremost principles of conducting its business in compliance with all applicable laws and the privacy regulations under it. This Online Privacy Policy applies to all information we receive online from you and about you in connection with an online transaction or request.

IV. Information/ Data collected

Experian India uses the information collected from you or about you to handle the requests you make to Experian India. When an individual or as an authorized user of a registered Member of Experian India makes a request, the information Experian India collects from the website is only used to handle such service requests. Based on the nature of the transaction with Experian India, you may need to provide Experian India certain personally identifiable consumer information, such as first and last name; home address, billing address, or other physical address; email addresses; telephone numbers; identity information like PAN number, Passport details, Ration card number, Voters ID; Aadhar Id, surrogate information such as date of birth, gender, names of related entities such as father’s name, spouse name, etc. (collectively, “Personally Identifiable Consumer Information”). In general, Experian India will use the information collected from you for the purposes for which you provided such information. Experian India will not release your Personally Identifiable Consumer Information to third parties except: (1) as necessary for us to process your transaction, or (2) as permitted by law, or (3) as required by the government, law enforcement, or an order of the court.

V. While we collect your information (Cookies)

When you visit the website, Experian India may collect general internet data, including but not limited to your internet protocol (IP) address, the web page from which you entered this site, a record of Experian India web pages you visited, time you spent on each page, User Id’s, Asset details etc. To collect this information, when you visit this site, a "cookie" may be set on your computer. Cookies and other technologies provide Experian India the capability to monitor the use of Experian India websites to enable continual improvement of design and functionality to better serve you. Cookies Experian India uses do not contain or capture unencrypted personal information. If you choose not to accept cookies from Experian India sites, you may not be able to access and use all or part of the sites or benefit from the information and services offered.

VI. Use of information

Apart from its member institutions, Experian India may also be required to share the Data/ Information with its third party contractors who provide Experian India with back end data operation services. In such cases, Experian India ensures that all Data recipients comply with confidentiality, fidelity and secrecy obligations and sign covenants in this regard.  Experian India may make information available to third parties that are financial and non-financial companies not related by common ownership or control, such as service providers, membership organizations, government agencies, courts, legal investigators, and other non-affiliated third parties as requested by you or your authorized representative, or otherwise when required or permitted by law.

VII. Sharing of Personal Information and International Transfers

Experian (Experian India’s majority shareholder and foreign technology partner) is a global organisation with business processes, management structures and technical systems that cross borders. As such, we may share information about you within Experian and transfer it to other countries subject to regulatory approvals and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We may also share your information to protect the rights or property of Experian India, our business partners, suppliers or Members, and others when we have reasonable grounds to believe that such rights or property have been or could be affected.

VIII. Policy Regarding Children

We define children as individuals under the age of 18. This website is not intended for the use of children and Experian India does not knowingly solicit or collect information from children.

IX. Grievance Officer

In case of any feedback or grievance regarding data privacy, you may contact the Data Privacy Officer/ Grievance Officer. On receipt of the request, the Officer shall take necessary steps, within a reasonable time, to ensure that proper action is taken to redress the complaint (s). The grievance redressal email id is as follows:

Email ID:

X. Changes to this Data Privacy Policy

Experian India may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. The revised policy will be posted on our website and will mention the date of the changes in the 'Last updated' section below. Please access the Privacy Policy regularly to ensure your understanding of Experian India’s latest policies.

By using this website, you are agreeing to the latest Privacy Policy published here.

Last updated: 09 May 2014

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