Acquiring new customers for your B2B website has become an expensive affair. Over the last six years, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased by approximately 60%.

How do you achieve exponential business growth but ensure that you limit the costs of growing your business? Experian has just the solution for you. Experian Business Credit Reports enable you to acquire more sole proprietors for your B2B website with ease. With this solution, proprietors can check their credit score instantly within seconds. The data points required to access the report is minimal, resulting in prevention of consumer drop as and loss of valuable business. Not only does this become a value add for your customers but you also gain insight into their financial position. And the best part – there’s no paperwork required!

What is Experian Business Credit Report?

Experian Business Credit Report allows you and sole proprietors to gain access to consented Business Credit Reports in real-time. This report contains valuable information of the business including credit score, trade lines, repayment history, account classification, credit summaries (including share of wallet with different types of lenders), previous credit enquiries and much more.

How does Experian Business Credit Report work?

The sole proprietor enters the following details on your website: name, mobile number, email and name and address of the business entity. Experian will authenticate the process via a one-time password (OTP) sent to the sole proprietor. Upon successful authentication the user gains access to her credit report and since this is a consented process on your website/mobile app, even you gain access to relevant information.

This solution is completely online and requires no documentation, thus removing friction and building a great experience.

Why choose Experian Business Credit Report?

- Fully digital journey - No need for the user to upload any digital or hard copy document
Financial insight
- Provide a value-added service to your customers while you gain insight to their financial position
- Real-time credit reports - Option to obtain consumer and commercial credit reports together - Only 3 data points required to generate the report
- White labelled APIs. Design your own customer experience
- Access to data with prior and complete consent - Authenticated user journey

Experian Business Credit Report API configurations allow you to design your own customer experience using our flexible. To know more on how to integrate Experian Business Credit Report with your platform, fill the enquiry form below.

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Thank you for your interest in Experian's Credit Report.
Experian's Credit Report is completely free of cost and there are no restrictions on the number of times you access your report throughout the year. If you are interested in downloading your report, you can visit this page and log in to your Experian Credit Report account.

In case you already have a copy of your Experian Credit Report and would like to raise a dispute regarding correction in information, please click on the link below to download our step-by-step guide on how to raise a dispute.