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Experian India awarded for its Smart Match solution at Technoviti 2020

Experian India was conferred with the Technical Innovation Award at Technoviti 2020, on February 11, 2020 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. Organized by the Banking Frontiers, Experian received this award for its solution, Smart Match – an innovative data matching solution.

Experian Smart Match is the first-of-its-kind solution by a credit bureau, developed with an aim to help customers make faster, informed and accurate lending decisions. It leverages advanced data analytics coupled with Experian’s innovation capabilities to search and match data for better credit decisioning. The solution also generates tradeline reports using limited inputs, making it easier to reach wider audiences.

The solution is extensively tested for its accuracy and is further backed by sizable amount of information submitted by over 6000 members of the Experian Credit Bureau.

This win recognizes Experian’s commitment and endeavors to offer intuitive and accessible solutions to its customers which is enabled by data analytics and innovation to help power opportunities while creating a better and more inclusive world.