As we move closer to the fourth industrial revolution, a blurring of the boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds, the consumer is truly becoming connected. By 2020 it is predicted that digital brand touch point interactions could grow by between 1-10,000 times current volumes.

This makes having a great Omnichannel onboarding experience - the process of onboarding new clients and onboarding new products and services to existing clients across multiple interaction points in a seamless and effective way an incredibly important plan of any organization’s strategy.

Experian's Digital Onboarding proposition provides a fully configurable, compliant and secure way for your customers to apply digitally (self-serve or assisted by agents) for your products with ease.

It enables organisations to deliver a speedy onboarding customer experience by bringing together user-friendly interfaces, data, scores and best-in-class decisioning on a single integrated platform. In addition, ease of implementation and time to market is significantly improved.

We offer a range of options for the technology platforms - on-premise, hybrid and cloud solutions - with a comprehensive set of capabilities and features that can be customised to meet your needs.

Best Practice, pre built platform
Experian’s Digital Onboarding is a fully working, pre built solution, offering our international best practices already embedded into the solution. This approach offers quick delivery times, ensuring a top quality deliverable
Risk management centric
Risk management is not an after thought for Experian. Our solutions come with powerful and tested risk management processes, which are customized to meet the requirements of each specific bank
Offering continuous improvement
The integrated reporting and analytics tools provide all the information to understand how to optimize each of the relevant processes. Via our tools changes are made and quickly deployed live, creating an environment on quick and continuous improvement

Key Trends that you should consider

1. Consumers are doing more and more on mobile

In a 2018 PwC study, the firm reported seeing a clear preference has been forming and the mobile is the clear winner for today’s connected consumer. The survey also reported that 15% of customers are now mobile dominant, up sharply from 10% just a year prior.

2. This is a market ripe for disruption

A recently commissioned Forrester study of 380 C-level leaders showed that the majority of executive respondents believe their organisations are failing to deliver on customer experience, in particular on digital channels. While only 39% of respondents claim they provide best in class experiences. More worryingly, 70% admitted that they are ineffective at delivering an optimised digital customer experience across all touchpoints of the customer lifecycle.

Why Choose Experian Digital Onboarding?

  • A frictionless customer journey
  • Scalable on the cloud
  • Omnichannel
  • KYC Compliant
  • Work across borders
  • Fully automated
  • Leverages Experian’s cutting-edge data technology to facilitate faster application process facilities
  • Integration with Experian’s award winning Decisioning tools allow quick adaption to market and regulatory changes

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