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Ascend Market Insights

AI powered Business Intelligence visualization platform
for insight-driven lending decisions

One of the key priorities for financial institutions is identifying the right segments and locations for acquiring customers with good credit profiles, whilst ensuring that potential frauds are detected, and risks are mitigated.  It is vital to gain reliable access to data and powerful analytics to gain insights and make prudent lending decisions.

Ascend Market Insights

Ascend Market Insights is a Business Intelligence platform that runs advanced analytics on multiple data sets to make smarter lending decisions. This platform integrates bureau data with Experian’s fraud consortium aggregate data (Experian Hunter CUG) to gain insightful trends and enable business growth. It also has the capability to ingest alternate data including your financial institution’s data.


You can benchmark your credit portfolio and evaluate how it compares to your peers in the industry or drill-down to a product segment that you operate in. Our solution can provide a view of your level of penetration in the different customer segments, your customer acquisition and retention, and the scale of your business’s delinquency.


Ascend Market Insights provides the flexibility to visualize subsegments and geo-analytic trends based on user objectives like product-based market sizing, geographic expansion strategy and conducting consumer(borrower) profile trend analysis.

Advantages of Ascend Market Insights

  • Fraud insights

  • Automated and descriptive insights

  • Access and analyze granular data at pin code level

  • Ability to ingest data

  • Unlimited dashboards and templates

  • Ability to create metrices/segments

  • Simplicity of usage

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